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EMA Intranet

Easy and modern intranet. For free.

EMA is a modern intranet that supports your organisation’s employees, processes, knowledge, information and property to help your team work better and faster regardless of their location.

EMA maximises your time and increases business efficiency. It automatically alerts you to each contract requiring prolongation, upcoming contracts and expired warranties. EMA helps you to share knowledge and experience across a company-wide social network and to monitor team activities. EMA is an outstanding CRM tool.

Imagine a place in which you can store all your company’s knowledge, enabling information to be shared with your employees and tailoring it to their specific backgrounds. 

Problems caused by incorrect or incomplete decision-making due to unavailable or misplaced information become a thing of the past. 

Using EMA’s internal social network, your employees can exchange the latest market information to help you create a competitive edge. 

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